Wout Joseph

WBANs for the Internet-of-Animals


Wout Joseph, Ghent University



Due to the increasing herd size on farms, the manual collection of animal health information has become very labour-intensive. The detection of multiple animal physiological and movement parameters and their use in advanced data interpretation techniques will allow for an automated and early detection of problems such as illness, lameness, or calving. Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) can be used in the health tracking of dairy cows to enhance milk productivity, detect lameness, and improve cow welfare. Advanced wireless solutions are needed to allow efficient data collection of over a thousand moving cows by the farmer. When cows are equipped with a WBAN, the farm manager can analyze multiple health parameters and activity information in real-time. Therefore, an automatic assessment about the cow’s health can be made using a combination of these parameters. This talk will discuss radio propagation aspects of cow-BANs and a robust wireless system for animal movement and real-time animal health monitoring. We will discuss techno-economic aspects, on-, off- and in-to-out body cow propagation for wireless communication, indoor and outdoor animal localization and tracking, and an energy-efficient WBAN.