Keynote Speakers

PANACEA: A Cyber-Physical System for Early Detection and Mitigation of Infections

In this talk, the design and implementation of a new cyber-physical system (CPS) named PANACEA (a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases in Latin), is presented as a closed-loop solution to… read more

Advances in Biomedicine are redefining health and disease

Imaging and sensing tools have catalyzed a paradigm shift in animal models of human biology and disease by enabling detection and visualization of the very small changes that precede the onset… read more

Implant Communication based on 10-60 MHz Band Impulse-Radio Technology

In view of the requirements for high-speed and highly reliable wireless implant communication, we have developed an implant transceiver working at 10–60-MHz band. The developed transceiver… read more

Invited Speakers

Detecting Irregular Cardiac Activity using Video Plethysmography

PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) is used for the assessment of cardiovascular function. The PPG sensor attaches to the skin, shines a light and captures the intensity of light being reflected back… read more

Unraveling Biomarkers through Multi-Modal Data Fusion

Fusing complementary signals from different modalities holds the promise to lead to the discovery of more accurate diagnostic biomarkers for various diseases. For instance, in neuroscience… read more

WBANs for the Internet-of-Animals

Due to the increasing herd size on farms, the manual collection of animal health information has become very labour-intensive. The detection of multiple animal physiological and movement… read more

More speakers to be added.