Melanie Zimmermann


M.Sc. Melanie Zimmermann, Project Manager at Ovesco Endoscopy AG and PhD c.


Melanie Zimmermann has collected substantial experience in industrial and academic R&D as research fellow in FP7 EU projects such as ARAKNES ( and STIFF-FLOP ( as well as project manager in the field of sensorized surgical instrumentation before she received her degree in 2013 from Hamburg University of Applied Science. From 2010 until 2018, she worked as R&D Engineer at Ovesco Endoscopy AG. Ms. Zimmermann has broad international experience from extensive secondments to the US and European countries, where she was involved in R&D projects in the field of Biotechnology at Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation and in the field of Biomedical Robotics at the BioRobotics Institute at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Since 2016 she is a PhD candidate at the University of Tuebingen focusing on the clinical and technical development of a novel innovative sensor capsule. Melanie gives lectures on the subject of Medical Technology at different universities, supervises thesis and PhD projects and is a supervisory board member of the WiBEC project. Her new challenge since 2018 is to implement a packaging machine into Ovesco’s production facilities.