Dietmar Stadler


Dietmar Stadler, Global SW & FW Development at Roche DC


With more than 20 years of experience in medical and industrial device product development for international companies such as Roche, he accumulated a wealth of expertise and business acumen. Throughout his career, he has shaped innovation and direction for launch of market-leading products that rapidly rose to secure a strong competitive position, resulting in significant growth in revenues and customers. His insight into the market compared with an eye for product optimization have both been instrumental in driving on-going portfolio growth.

Being promoted through multiple roles of increasing authority including such as VP IDS development or Operating Manager for Laser Power Meters, he directed various product platform developments and managed and continuously promoted strategic development in alignment with market changes and demand. Deliver expert guidance to shape new product concepts and enhancements to existing product lines. Nurture and grow relationships with international partners. Lead, train, and mentor development teams, providing clear mentorship and a positive example of best practices.

Selected Achievements:

  • Orchestrated a number of complex RnD site transfers on extremely short turnarounds.
  • Developed a new organisation for insulin delivery systems, including hiring personnel, building up all needed infrastructure and establishing necessary processes as well as structures.
  • Initialised and successfully implemented a broad organizational excellence initiative.
  • Lead a global instrumentation forum for several years.
  • Launched European, cross-industry functional safety and robustness alliance that fostered growth and development within the industry.
  • Replaced the top selling product that safeguarded annual revenue of USD $1 billion within 6 months.
  • Introducing a new product family of leading-edge optical power measurement devices.
  • Led build-out and commissioning of a new development site in Shanghai.
  • Consistently drove on-going improvements to development project efficiency and quality.